Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Words of the day …..

We’ve covered author and writer in a previous post - now lets cover the following:

editor, publisher, agent….

Edit - to prepare for publication as by adapting or correcting. to prepare an edition of. to put together the pars of by cutting, combining, and splicing. to delete. - n. editor (p 135)

Publish - to produce and present for public distribution or sale. to publicize; announce n. publish (p 340)

Agent - one that acts. one that represent another. a means by which something is done or caused, instrument. a representative of a governmental department. a spy. (p 10)

So what does this all mean to you as a writer? We’ve already established the differences between a writer and an author. So we’ll assume you’re a writer, and not just an author at this stage of the game.

You’ve written a novel. You’ve been accepted by a publishing house. So what does that mean for you? Well, the definitions are pretty self explanatory above of what you should expect from your editor, publisher, and agent. If you anticipate writing a novel, signing a contract and your work here is done - you’re dead wrong.

What gets people to buy your books over others? What makes them any different than the 4000 printed each day in America, alone? What makes you a different author? That is not the job of the editor, publisher, or the agent to present to the readers that may or may not pick up your book - that is up to you.

Like any other company, you have to build a solid author brand and set yourself apart. What makes you different than the rest? Why should anybody read your novel before others? Only you, as a writer, can answer those questions and pave the way for yourself. Traditional marketing and business techniques don’t work in this fast paced, ever evolving industry. In this social media generation people want to connect with their favorite celebrities - this means you. Churning out novel after novel does you no good, YOU have to connect with your reader base and show them you really are human.

You’ve done the writers groups, you’ve honed your skills, now you have to sell yourself. Your novels are your product, how - as a business - do you sell them? It’s not your editors job to show you off - it’s just their job to fix your English. Whatever they do above and beyond that is just their particular nature. Don’t take it for granted, they’re trying to assist you on your career path as a writer.

People and word of mouth sells books. Connect with your readers - you’ll be glad you did.



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