Friday, July 27, 2012

A bone to pick - unsolicited emails and messages

I have noticed an influx of unsolicited emails and messages I receive on various social and professional networks. Frankly, it’s getting really irritating.

We are not authors, we publish authors. We have no intentions of becoming authors in the distant or not so distant future.

We no longer do post production reviews, please visit our website for information on our review policy.

We are not looking for free books - we believe in paying for an author’s hard work. A bound ARC or advanced ebook copy for pre-production reviews (visit our website) are the only free books we would request - why? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE YET…

We are not looking for another free self publishing marketing kit that appears to be the next thing an author puts out after self publishing a book or books.

We are not accepting submissions at this time (visit our website for guidelines)

Here’s a piece of advice, if the email or message was not asked for, don’t send it. We don’t want it. If you are inquiring about something - marketing, publishing, reviews, et al - make your email or message personalized.

We…..loathe…..spam. It’s like the old telemarketing calls during dinner. We don’t do it to others, we’d like the same respect - please!

It’s unprofessional, it’s annoying, and frankly we don’t want or need it. It is the easiest way to have your email or message deleted and sent into the oblivion of cyber space.

Thanks for your understanding -

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview with June Spears….

When did you start writing and what authors do you enjoy reading the most?

I started writing very young. When I was in fifth grade I actually won a poetry contest and it ended up being  our school song.

Wow! That’s fantastic!! Do you have any particular genre you enjoy writing the most?

Fantasy, It takes me far away from the stresses of everyday life.

Where do you find your inspiration for writing?

It is just something that takes me away from the everyday wear and tear of life. I try to get lost in whatever story I am writing. I think my main inspiration to write as an adult is my daughter Isabella.

Are you a by the seat of your pants writer or an outline planned writer?

I never plan anything. My Novelette Series "The Blood Moon Chronicles" was done within a month. There's Five Books altogether. When I have the urge to write I just sit in front of my keyboard and let my fingers guide me through and It usually results to something great.

My Hero is My Monster is your newest writing endeavor – what provoked you to tell your story of abuse? And has it helped you cope with the years of trauma?

I don't think I cope with it, I more less drown it out with my writing. I wrote "My Hero is My Monster" because we see things everyday that we turn a blind eye too. My hopes are with telling my story people won't turn their heads the other way when they see something that screams abuse. I can't tell you how many times I was in public with my parents and wanted so badly for someone to reach out and help.

Do you think society is different than when we were kids? It seems people, now, are more apt to actually speak up and get involved than when we were younger

I surely hope this is the case. I can't imagine another child or adult living in that kind of hurt and fear.

Individuals suffering from sexual abuse – what advise would you give them to stop the abuse and cope with the aftermath?

I would tell them to be strong and get counseling. As much as that sucks (trust me, I refused counseling for months) It does help in the long run. I would tell them not to shy away from the rest of the world, because there really are some decent people out there.

Are you involved in, or do you know of any national groups someone can reach out to to assist them in the path of overcoming the trauma from sexual abuse?

Child Lures Prevention -

5166 Shelburne Road

Shelburne , VT 05482


(802) 985-8458


(802) 985-8418

Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute (CMRPI) -

1401 Peachtree Street

Suite 120

Atlanta , GA 30309


(404) 872-5152

Child Safe -

St. Vincent's Center/Catholic Charities

2600 Pot Spring Road

Timonium , MD 21093


(410) 252-4000

Childhelp® -

15757 North 78th Street

Scottsdale , AZ 85260


(480) 922-8212


(480) 922-7061


(800) 2AC-HILD


(800) 4AC-HILD

CornerHouse -

2502 10th Avenue South

Minneapolis , MN 55404


(612) 813-8300


(612) 813-8330

Is there any advise you can offer teachers or school advisers on noticing the signs of a child being sexually abused?

Just that if you think you see a sign that something is wrong, Nine out of Ten times it probably is. At least ask the child first before going to the parents. You never know what is going on behind closed doors.

Do you think had someone asked you, as a child, you would have spoke up about the long term abuse that had been going on? We hear about children being threatened into silence all the time.... or even being petrified and it’s not until they are adults that they find the courage to speak up/speak out about what they went through as a child.

I don't know if I would have or not. I just think it is a good thing to speak up because you never know.

If you could prepare someone writing a memoir, what would it be?

Be true to yourself, don't write it if it feels wrong. I wrote my memoir from a child's point of view so that the reader could feel what I was feeling at that time in my life.

Excellent piece of advise – I read your short story on your experiences and because of it being from a child’s perspective, it makes it even more powerful and raw. Do you have anything else you are working on scribing right now? Do you want to provide a short excerpt of My hero is My Monster and where it can be purchased from?

I am working on my first full length novel. It will be along the lines of fantasy also.
I have attached a blurb from the book to this email and purchase link.
Also a few contact places for me are ..

Thanks June!

A peak into the My Hero is My Monster short story -

I stood in the tenth story window, my eyes bloodshot and tears flowing. The monster in my bedroom had tormented me day and night for the past ten years. The police placed him in handcuffs while he stared up at me with hatred and sinister grin. I knew him too well. I knew what kind of cruelty he was capable of.

Knowing that his memory would haunt me for the rest of my life, the only way I could get him out of my mind was to end my life right here, right now.

My mother screamed at me from below that she would never forgive me for what I had done. I had broken her delusion of a happy home. Rage and resentment swelled my body and soul. She was my mother. Wasn’t she supposed to love me, protect me, from monsters like him? I could not understand why, why she let him hurt me, why she sat back and did nothing?

I bowed my head in shame as the neighbors stared through their windows and gossiped to themselves. A crowd had formed and people were stopping and pulling over to the side of the road, watching with utter disbelief. I could not face seeing anyone ever again. Not with them knowing the truth. What would they think of me? I will be the talk of this small town forever.

My hands were sweaty and my knees became weak beneath me. My heart raced so face it felt like it would explode inside of me. Before I could convince myself to turn around, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, spreading my arms out wide as if to fly I turned and fell backward off the window sill.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Tour Stops

In the spirit of why we went into business, we’re opening our blog up to blog tour stops. If you are an author looking for another stop on your virtual book tour - please email us at info (at) unforgettablebooksinc (dot) com.

Please put “Blog Tour Stop” in your subject line and we’ll get back to you with more information.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Words of the day …..

We’ve covered author and writer in a previous post - now lets cover the following:

editor, publisher, agent….

Edit - to prepare for publication as by adapting or correcting. to prepare an edition of. to put together the pars of by cutting, combining, and splicing. to delete. - n. editor (p 135)

Publish - to produce and present for public distribution or sale. to publicize; announce n. publish (p 340)

Agent - one that acts. one that represent another. a means by which something is done or caused, instrument. a representative of a governmental department. a spy. (p 10)

So what does this all mean to you as a writer? We’ve already established the differences between a writer and an author. So we’ll assume you’re a writer, and not just an author at this stage of the game.

You’ve written a novel. You’ve been accepted by a publishing house. So what does that mean for you? Well, the definitions are pretty self explanatory above of what you should expect from your editor, publisher, and agent. If you anticipate writing a novel, signing a contract and your work here is done - you’re dead wrong.

What gets people to buy your books over others? What makes them any different than the 4000 printed each day in America, alone? What makes you a different author? That is not the job of the editor, publisher, or the agent to present to the readers that may or may not pick up your book - that is up to you.

Like any other company, you have to build a solid author brand and set yourself apart. What makes you different than the rest? Why should anybody read your novel before others? Only you, as a writer, can answer those questions and pave the way for yourself. Traditional marketing and business techniques don’t work in this fast paced, ever evolving industry. In this social media generation people want to connect with their favorite celebrities - this means you. Churning out novel after novel does you no good, YOU have to connect with your reader base and show them you really are human.

You’ve done the writers groups, you’ve honed your skills, now you have to sell yourself. Your novels are your product, how - as a business - do you sell them? It’s not your editors job to show you off - it’s just their job to fix your English. Whatever they do above and beyond that is just their particular nature. Don’t take it for granted, they’re trying to assist you on your career path as a writer.

People and word of mouth sells books. Connect with your readers - you’ll be glad you did.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Words of the day - author, writer

Today’s word of the day turns into two - and they aren’t randomly picked like normal. I’ll explain why in a minute -

author - 1. Someone who writes a literary work. 2. Someone who creates or originates anything. (p 29)

writer - One who writes, esp. as an occupation: author (p 481)

Hm, they sound synonymous with each other, don’t they? But, are they really?

I am an author. I am an author in the sense that I write this blog. I author answers to supplemental interviews for our authors. I author propositions for book signings. I author emails to pursue business relationships.

Am I a writer? I used to be, but I am not now. A writer is someone who takes care to learn their craft. An author can write anything. An author can write op’eds for a living, news articles, blogs, reviews, scientific text, a college syllabus, a grammar school book report, a college school paper, a text message, a tweet, a facebook status post, a joke.

A writer wants to hone their skills, craft that perfect scene, or that delightfully evil antagonist a reader loves to hate and hates to love. A writer gets into arguments with their characters. They scrap scenes only to put them back in again, to take them out, to put them back in, to asking someone else for their opinion and listening. A writer wakes up in the middle of the night because they had an epiphany and just had to write it down right now or they won't be able to go back to sleep, but when they wake up after satisfying the inner scribe and finding slumber once more, they ask someone else their thoughts. A writer takes classes, is part of writers groups, is looking for ways to better their skills - to better themselves. A writer crafts a story, an author throws words out there with a point to make.

So which are you? An author or a writer? If you’re not pushing yourself to your limits and then pushing beyond that to learn your art, you’re an author. If you are passionate about your work and want to make it the best of the best - evolving, learning, evolving some more, learning even more - and continue on that quest (which provides a better than the last experience for your readers) each time you finish a novel - you are a writer.

One is more important than the other, depending on your career goals of course. Each are equally important in the grand scheme of things. However, it is up to you to decide and take action accordingly.


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