Friday, July 27, 2012

A bone to pick - unsolicited emails and messages

I have noticed an influx of unsolicited emails and messages I receive on various social and professional networks. Frankly, it’s getting really irritating.

We are not authors, we publish authors. We have no intentions of becoming authors in the distant or not so distant future.

We no longer do post production reviews, please visit our website for information on our review policy.

We are not looking for free books - we believe in paying for an author’s hard work. A bound ARC or advanced ebook copy for pre-production reviews (visit our website) are the only free books we would request - why? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE YET…

We are not looking for another free self publishing marketing kit that appears to be the next thing an author puts out after self publishing a book or books.

We are not accepting submissions at this time (visit our website for guidelines)

Here’s a piece of advice, if the email or message was not asked for, don’t send it. We don’t want it. If you are inquiring about something - marketing, publishing, reviews, et al - make your email or message personalized.

We…..loathe…..spam. It’s like the old telemarketing calls during dinner. We don’t do it to others, we’d like the same respect - please!

It’s unprofessional, it’s annoying, and frankly we don’t want or need it. It is the easiest way to have your email or message deleted and sent into the oblivion of cyber space.

Thanks for your understanding -

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