Saturday, August 25, 2012

Author Rebecka Vigus donates book, check to not-for-profit group – mystery book vanishes into thin air, check makes it to destination

“Breaking News..... Author Rebecka Vigus’ first book in the Macy McVannel crime thriller series, Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie, stolen from package destined for not-for profit group. Donation check made it to the not-for-profit, mystery novel disappears.”


“Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie, such a great novel people are stealing it from not-for-profit groups. Donation check makes it to destination safely.”

Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie, so good people steal the book from a not-for-profit.

Gotta love the irony in the title of this post, huh? You think I’m kidding? Not in the least bit am I kidding.

Our author, Rebecka Vigus, donates a portion of every sale to a not-for-profit. The not-for-profit was started by a kid for kids, filling tote bags that find a home with sick children in hospitals. It’s a great cause.

For July, she sent a paperback novel and her donation check to this not-for-profit. The check made it, the novel did not. Yup, the crime thriller (first in the series) was stolen right out of the package.

Because it was not insured, she doesn’t get her money back for the postage. I don’t understand. Someone stole the book at the post office. She mailed it from the post office, so gremlins couldn’t have eaten it while it waited in her mailbox. It never made it to the destination (the check did) so gremlins couldn’t have eaten it while waiting to be retrieved from a mailbox. So, there’s only one other logical place it could have been stolen from…..or a mystery novel vanished into thin air. Houdini would be so proud.

But how ironic! I knew it was a great book. It is such a great book, people have taken to stealing it from mail destined to a not-for-profit benefiting sick children - It’s not like you can miss a 5.5x8 paperback novel.

I really would like for this blog post to make it to the individual who stole the novel. You work for the post office. You make enough money to buy one of your own. You stole from a not-for-profit. You stole from an author. Selling books is how some writers make a living. Some writers pride themselves on giving back to the community with donations and time. You just happened to pick the one package headed to a good cause for sick children. You just happened to pick the one package sent from a writer who loves to give back to the community.

Keep your grubby mitts off things that don’t belong to you.

Seriously, what is wrong with people these days?!?!?! Didn’t their mothers teach them if it’s not yours don’t touch it?!


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